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Teach your child to read with my fun and proven Abracadabra Method
abracadabra method

I named this the Abracadabra Method because parents told me that teaching their child to read this way was so easy and so quick that it was
like magic!

I began teaching more than five decades ago, and during this time I’ve taught many parents how to use this method to teach their children to read.

Whether your child has already started school, or is starting this autumn, or is even younger, the Abracadabra Method will give your child that extra boost to their skill and their confidence with reading.

In this course I explain and demonstrate a proven and effective step-by-step process for teaching your child to read. You’ll also learn strategies for keeping your child motivated and engaged.

This innovative teaching method makes the experience of learning to read ‘calmer, easier and happier’ both for your child and for yourself. And you’ll see progress in a matter of weeks!

The techniques and strategies that I share with you in this course will enhance and deepen what your child learns at school, resulting in more rapid and more solid progress.

Total investment £90

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This course consists of three videos and a very comprehensive workbook:

  • Video 1: How to Prepare For Success to maximise enjoyment and progress
  • Video 2: The six stages of the Abracadabra method
  • Video 3: FAQs that parents typically ask about the Abracadabra Method 

You will receive:

  • Links to the three videos
  • 60-page course workbook
  • Links to additional reading material, including an ebook about Descriptive Praise

Total investment is £90

This is not a parent coaching course, but rather a method for teaching your child to read easily and quickly, with enjoyment and confidence. If your child has significant behavioural issues, you may want to consider parent coaching as well. If you have any questions about whether using this course will be suitable for your child, please contact us at

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for a child to complete all six stages of the Abracadabra Method?
It usually takes about four months, but of course it depends on a number of factors. The older your child is, the more rapid the progress is likely to be. Also, the more consistently you, the parent, follow the instructions for the daily lessons, the more rapid the progress is likely to be.

How long will it take my child to master each of the six stages of the Abracadabra Method?
The average time is about three weeks, but some children will progress faster, and some children will need more time.

Does my child need to already have some knowledge of phonics or reading?
No, the Abracadabra Method teaches reading from scratch.

What if my child already knows how to read, but I want her to be more confident and not to resist her reading homework?
Regardless of their age or current reading level, all children start at Stage One of the Abracadabra Method and progress through each stage systematically, only moving on to the next stage when they have demonstrated accuracy, fluency, and confidence. A child who is already reading will probably spend a week or less on each of the first few stages.

For a child who is already learning to read at school, the Abracadabra Method has numerous benefits: it will close any gaps she may have; it will give her more practice wherever she needs it; it will strengthen her reading skills and take them to the next level; it will improve her accuracy, fluency, confidence, and enjoyment of reading.

My child is in Reception and is already learning to read. Will the Abracadabra Method confuse him?
No, the Abracadabra Method is different from the way your child is learning to read at school, but it doesn’t conflict with how your child is learning at school.

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