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In-Service training for Schools: Turning theory into practice


Training for teachers, learning support assistants, learning mentors and SENCOs in nurseries, primary and secondary schools and special units

The Calmer, Easier, Happier Teaching and Learning skills are practical and pro-active. Using these strategies makes classroom management easier and guides all pupils to achieve their best.

By putting the new skills into practice, you will enable your pupils to become more:

Teacher Training• cooperative and able to stay on task
• motivated to focus on doing their best
• confident and self-reliant
• polite, considerate and self-aware
• willing to follow rules, routines and instructions
• creative at problem-solving
• more resilient
• successful academically

We specialise in addressing the needs of pupils with typical and atypical learning styles or behaviour problems (whether they have a diagnosed difficulty or not).

Our training days are interactive and demonstrate realistic solutions.

Half-days, full days, weekends, evenings or twilight sessions.

Noël's books for teachers

Noël has written two books for teachers, 'In Step With Your Class' and 'Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn' on how mainstream teachers can rapidly improve the learning, behaviour, motivation, confidence and social skills of pupils.

As well as consulting and leading workshops across the UK and in the USA, Noel Janis-Norton is still very much a hands-on practitioner. She teaches, works with families and trains professionals.

Described by Cassandra Jardine (Daily Telegraph) as one of Britain's two top teachers, Noel is dedicated to helping children learn to do their best and be their best.

Her Calmer, Easier, Happier Teaching and Learning programmes were developed through study, research and her extensive observation of exactly what teachers do and how they do it, and and what the results are, in the short term and the long term.

Noel teaches tried and tested techniques that mainstream teachers can use to rapidly improve the learning, behaviour, motivation, confidence and social skills of pupils in the inclusive classroom.


In Step With Your Class
Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn
We also give talks for parents in schools, showing parents how they can use the Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting strategies to improve cooperation, motivation, confidence, respect and self-reliance.

Free Introductory Talk for Parenting Professionals

Calmer, Easier, Happier Boys
  Thursday 25 June 2015 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm - plus extra Q&A to 10.00pm
Noël Janis-Norton

Noël Janis-Norton is an educator, author, parenting advisor and speaker.

She is internationally known for her unique Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting and Teaching methods, which teach families how to become more harmonious and which guide teachers to bring out the best in their pupils.

calmer easier happier boys book

How teachers and other professionals
can bring out the best in boys

Many boys find life at home and at school more difficult than girls do. Boys often find it harder to sit still, to concentrate, to understand other people’s feelings, to control their aggression, and they seem to become more easily frustrated. Boys also have many positive qualities that they often don’t get credit for: eg loyalty, energy, single-minded enthusiasm and physical courage.

In this talk you will find out what boys need and how you can help boys and their parents to address these issues. As you become more aware of how to meet these needs, you can help the boys you work with to become their best selves.

“I have to admit I was surprised to see how quickly parents could learn these new skills and how quickly things turned around at home and at school.”
Parent Support Advisor, secondary school

FREE – Booking essential, maximum 20 places
Please email us at to book a place.
Venue:  West Hampstead (travel details)
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